19 comments on “How Heroes Should Be Using LinkedIn

  1. Mark, you know I will…if you believe this post is worthwhile feel free to share it with local veteran groups, VA Hospitals, friends with sons and daughters in the military…


  2. I know you are sincere in your offer to help and you know you can depend on my network to join forces to help. Networking through those with similar experiences, regardless of generation or branch of service. I was Army but owe my life to some unknown Marines I can never thank face to face.

    The most important thing for veterans to remember is that they are special to special people but must network to find them and tell their story. This tutorial on how to use LinkedIn is extremely valuable and I look forward to your other articles on how to lock and load social media ammunition.


  3. Thanks for writing this Steve! This needs to be added to the standard outplacement services (ACAP) our military personnel receive. I know from my son’s recent transition that the resume instruction they receive is 20 years outdated and I don’t think they even mention LinkedIn!


  4. Sure wish something like this was added…but like local DOL job centers change is very slow. I’m at the local VA hospital with my Dad right now so I’m going to head down to HR and see if they’d be interested in pointing me to the VA’s job center (I wrote that in jest).


  5. Fantastic post Steve! This is the type of practical information that can make a difference to the transitioning military. Your offer to open up your network is also helpful to any job seeker, including and especially for the transitioning military, as many don’t have the advantage of recent corporate experience and contacts to help them.

    Have you considered approaching LinkedIn about your instruction? This is audience-specific information they can easily add to their learning modules.

    This post will be appreciated by many.


  6. Add me to the list of folks willing to help veterans connect with people in my network. Great post – and I”m forwarding it on the the veteran assistance folks here in Cleveland.


  7. What a fabulous post! This is a must-save and a must-share! As a military brat as well as former military Spouse – hubby was Army Ranger…USASOC Special Operations Soldier of the Year…sorry, I’m bragging ;) -, this is exactly the information that needs to be given both to transitioning military as well as those still active! Yes, my husband had ACAP to assist in civilian transition however he was fortunate to be married to a Corporate Recruiter that was able to give him the additional tools/resources that were lacking. One of those tools was to get on LinkedIn and start networking.

    Thank you, Steve, for taking the time to lay this out and I’ll definitely share this!


  8. @tlcolson – thanks Marine! But I already knew you were “all in”

    @RecruitMoore – you mean your hubby IS an Army Ranger, right? You mentioned ACAP and as honorable a task as they have, the DoD sure is reticent to change the way it conducts some of its business… CM – want to help me write the Summary piece for follow-up post?


  9. I have over 10,000 1st level LinkedIn Connections – my network is your network too. If you take a look at my LI profile and see anyone you’d like to connect to, let me know – I’d be glad to help.

    I work at the DOL OneStop in Middletown New York, Orange County – we give our heroes preference in everything we can. You mind if I copy this out and print it up for our Vet rep? let me knwo how to credit you. Or if you put it out as a pdf for me with your credit at the end, that would be great.


    • Since I just spoke with Barbara, I’ll tell everyone what I told her:

      If you work with the military, feel free to use the content to help them – you don’t need to cite me if you run out of room (or printer ink). Just help them…


  10. As a transitioning U.S. Marine of 23 years of service I find this article very informative and helpful. Thank you for helping me refocus my efforts in networking and narrowing my searches. Your service in helping those transitioning from the military is greatly appreciated.

    Semper Fidelis!


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