11 comments on “The Finger and Two Pink Slips

  1. Could they possibly have insulted more people if they had tried. I would have fired both of them and made it a point to post a picture of me firing them and why.

    Over 50 thousand of my generation did not come back from Viet Nam and twice that many who did come back , came back so damaged that they were never the same. These idiots should learn the difference between “Free Speech” and “Fighting Words”. Not to mention that nothing posted on the net is ever to have the expectation of privacy.


    • @Sandra – I’m wondering why so many believe that just because a website has a Privacy policy it really means “private.” Actually, I know why – it’s called the “fine print” – if folks would read the fine print, they’d know what privacy in the Internet Age means.

      On some level, this reminds me of a 13 year old claiming that their Constitutional rights were violated because their parents read a text that was on the cell phone they provided – and are footing the bill – to the kid.


      • I think that a lot of them have grown up so hyperconnected that everything they do is geared toward something they can blog about or take a picture of and slam it on the net. Almost like working at thinking up assinine things to do or say so they have something to “share”.

        One thing about it. These two will have a great time telling their next prospective employer that they got their pictures taken as the two most insulting idiots of 2012. Oh, and ladies it’s not private unless you keep it that way. Private means you don’t open your ignorant pie hole or post your picture doing whatever it is that is best left between those you speak with in person. The term jackwagonettes comes to mind.


      • Great post Steve. As I write in my new social media book – how “private” is private when it’s shared with 250 “friends?” #watchwhatyoushare


  2. They are members of Club Idiocy. However, I would have become a spontaneous charter member because if she had bent over in front of me, I would have kicked her hiney down to JFK’s gravesite…before the honorable Old Guard did their duty and hauled us all away…but it would have been worth it for me. :)


    • First thought – your blog is magnificent. Second thought – I didn’t dare show the picture to my WWII veteran Dad (especially with his beloved NY Giants in a slump). My friend Sandra – see above – is spot on…sure is going to suck being this “poor little 30 year old” as she attempts to explain why she was fired from her previous job.

      Still – while it’s easy to condemn bad behavior whether it’s by a supposed adult or an entire nation that came up with the idea of an internment camp for Americans of Japanese ancestry – I think in the end if we don’t use these as learning experiences, far too many will make the same mistake in the future.

      Give these members of Club Idiot jobs in a VA Hospital; in fact, I sure wish their local VA would reach out and hire them. After a few weeks on the job, I guarantee they’ll never flip off veterans again.


      • Well, if the VA hospital did bring them on, I can only hope they don’t meet your father – or any other WWII vet – while mentioning they were the “ones at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. :) But I do in heart agree with your recommendation… ;)


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