9 comments on “And Your SnapChats Disappear Too

  1. Everyone is blessed with 20/20 hindsight. It takes more than typical shallow thinking to have foresight. We seem to have no sense of values today… all of us. There are no vampires or zombies, but pop culture would have us believe almost everything else. With nothing being sacred, we take pride in our arrogance without thinking where our words will fall or who will repeat them. Why are we so surprised to hear ourselves quoted? Human weaknesses become toys to the intellectual mind. Sex sells movies because it advertises it to be “the way everybody is.” No, they aren’t. But who wants to be out of touch with the main stream? I’ll tell you who… the ones who are grown up and have a sense of values deeper than their libido.

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    • Thanks Tom.

      “We seem to have no sense of values today…” – yet all the culture wonks just love touting the special values of their employer or go fan boy and fan girl about Zappos. The funniest thing is that so many of these folks seem to have lost touch with their own values.

      Just odd…

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  2. I went to a tech meetup a couple of weeks ago and found out what I properly to be called as a woman in technology…

    I am a “techie with boobies” according to my informant.

    Forget that I was coding before his mother was born. And forget that I could be his next employer. (And forget what Freud would say about the whole matter.)

    Thanks for another great inferno…

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    • I’m guessing you mean “…and found out what I’m called behind my back as a woman in technology.”

      That’s sadly pathetic – reminds me of the PyCon “forking and dongles” issue of almost two years ago.

      I’m tired of boys being boys; time for humans to be compassionate humans…

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  3. May is umarize with the thought that talking about your sex life, a constant sexual innuendo in a lot of what you say or post is very simply just trashy. First of all nobody else with any class really wants to know and in most cases are just embarrassed for you if you don’t have enough sense to keep your private life private. Showing your private parts in public, whichever gender you may be, just means that you were raised by wolves and have no sense of pride or some sort of misguided idea that anyone who snorks over that kind of picture thinks much of you or would ever consider taking you home to meet the peeps.

    From a more formal point of view puking out inappropriate posts and pics that you wouldn’t want to be published on the front page of the paper in your home town ,where grandma lives, is gross insecurity inviting some other insecure idiot to make a gross comment.

    Trust me when i tell you this kind of behavior is not limited to idiot kids under 30. That being said, in my age group we refer to them as “dirty old men” or “desperate cougars”.

    Trash is trash and trashy behavior is trashy behavior no matter how old you are. If you need that kind of attention consider a career change to exotic dancing with a stripper pole or owning a strip joint. At least it is the expected behavior and doesn’t show up in a twitter feed or a facebook post to let the rest of the world know that you have a problem.

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  4. I’m waiting for Stanford University to open talks with area VCs to discuss incorporating morals and civility into their entrepreneurism programs. If ever there was a reason for investors to devalue a future asset, SnapChat is now IMO, a poster child…


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