6 comments on “Bumper Stickers

  1. Very good Steve – a great read on a wintery Friday, it lightens up the end of the weeek and sets a good tone for the weekend! You should write a book! Brenda


  2. I have been eating vegan crap instead of murdered decaying animals since 1980. It’s not for status and after 30 years I am confident it is not a fad – it is out of compassion for other living beings.

    I generally don’t try to influence others to change their “luxury” dietary choices or condemn them (as you have the vegan choice) for what I feel is a disgusting, inhumane and irrational act many anthropologists and other scientists believe humans instinctively resorted to for survival, but most chose to never give up.

    I understand that each individual lives and sleeps with the consequence of their decisions.

    Defending eating animals for pleasure is defending the murder of living feeling beings and akin to practices like slavery, pollution, and others that are egotistical, gluttonous and self-serving in nature at great expense to our planet and co-inhabitants..

    Because one has acquired a taste for something does not justify its consumption just as looking “freakin’ unhealthy” has absolutely nothing to do with not eating meat.

    It’s not surprising that people will find humor in and resort to justification of their illogical and harmful behaviors at almost any expense. However, it is sad.

    I still love you Steve but you opened Pandora’s Box when you chose to harshly judge and find fault with a peaceful, tolerant, harmless and egalitarian lifestyle…..


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