5 comments on “It’s TRU: I call therefore I am

  1. Steve- Great post! Thanks for the gentle but Firm reminder to Pick up the Telephone! I try to do that with many folks I am connected with. I can tell u the rewards of it are priceless. So nice to have met u in person after talking on the phone!
    Let’s talk soon!


  2. Madison in the Spring and a chance to hear you help the recruiting world how to mix and match? Hard to pass up. Have fun. I hope there is a way to hear an audio of the panel.


  3. Sorry I can’t be at TRU to hear and see your presentation, I hope someone makes it available soon after. All the best in WI.


  4. Hi Steve – You are right! It was great to get a call from you! Thanks for taking the time – it truly sets you apart. We need to remember the impact of a telephone call or hand written note in this new world of links, tweets and facebook postings.
    I look forward to following you and networking with you!
    Thanks again!


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