8 comments on “Your Cover Letter Made Me Wince

  1. Definitely compelling – I would call too. Makes you feel like you want this person on the team, even for “Just in case”. That’s the essence of what a cover letter should be, a compelling reason to keep your eyes glued.


  2. This individual should not be writing cover letters – probably books. If people would put half the thought this candidate did – it could still be compelling.


  3. Loved it, no trite phrases, no, “i am excited about this job”. This person not only told anyone reading it volumes about himself in a few words, his personality came through like a scud missle. I would be on the phone too and from that cover letter, i just want to know him whether i could place him or not.

    I think you have hit a new way to talk about cover letters. Tell me something about yourself that will make me want to know you.


  4. Agreed Andy, this guy should write a book! Yes Sandra, I would like to know him too. Steve, when you talk to him again – tell him we said THANKS and send him our best.


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