10 comments on “Welcome to the WhitePro Job Board!

  1. Aw hell Steve, you are just testy because you belong to the only unprotected group in America. Here is my suggestion. Renounce your U. S. citizenship, move to Mexico, sneak back across the Rio Grande. Voila!

    You are now an illegal alien with rights to free education, healthcare, housing assistance, food stamps, free childcare and you can get paid in cash so nobody including you has to pay any taxes on your income. Now marry a U. S. Citizen and have a kid born on U. S. soil. Dip, do, diggety, you now have all the benefits that the American tax payer can possibly provide, you will have time to protest in the streets, wave the Mexican flag and my guy Obama will sue anybody who trys to ask you for proof of a legal right to be here. And last but not least you can send any money you make to your buddies in Mexico to fund their trip across the border to be sure that it doesn’t help the U. S. economy.

    Oh an be sure to then join the Tea Party so you and Pitiful Palin can “refudiate” all this racist stuff about building a mosque while you carry around stuffed monkeys and nasty pictures of the pres.

    Diversity indeed, i am so covered up with paying for diversity that i can’t see out. You will probably be shot at sunrise for daring to suggest that anybody but you and i would think that white america has become the cash cow of diversity without equal representation. Trust me you are a minority, just try and prove itl.you will have to go to the back of the line.

    Good luck with the web site. The only thing that may save you from being killed is that you are jewish. :)


  2. Talk about adding well-seasoned hickory to the fire… For those who don’t know Sandra, she is trying to push my buttons even more.


  3. Well shut my mouth peach pot pie and bless your heart ,Steve, i am too busy pushing one for English so i can talk to somebody in India who will tell me to take the case off my computer when i tell them i have a virus. I always wonder what they would tell me to do if i told them my computer had a social disease from too much social media. Probably tell me to see my doc, who happens to be Chinese. But he’s gay and i adore him.

    I have a total diversity skill set. I can say shit in 7 different languages, i learned it from my candidates. Yours truly is a product of diversity development you know.

    Khara sounds really wicked if you use the right tone.

    Button , button, who’s got the button?


  4. Sandra, I love your wit and charm! If I comment and say what’s really on my mind about this subject, it would be a book! Speaking of shit…did you all hear that @shitmydadsays struck a TV deal this week?


  5. Oh Steve, I’m with you on the labels thing…can’t stand labels. My true label would be so long you would need two ink cartridges to print it out.


  6. Looks as if people would rather discuss banal recruiting and HR topics such as who’s more influential, passive v active, or the best ATS solution than HR/recruiting DNA issues such as this.



  7. Steve, a jesting post deserves a serious answer! So….people love groups. They want to be a part of one, they want to identify with one, they want to say it loud. But they want to rebel from the group and assert their identities as well. Niche sites based on race are inevitable. The question is, are they successful? I’m betting not as much as those focused on the work to be done. For example, which is a better place to find an accountant – VeganBlackAccountantJobs.com – or AccountantJobs.com? I’m betting the latter – better SEO, bigger tent, etc etc.
    But if someone wants to build and push VeganBlackAccountantJobs.com, more power to them. And if someone wants to build WhitePro, have at it – but don’t expect super results (unless you’re hiring for white supremicists, of course…). The lack of results will probably put them out of business faster than the PC backlash. As it should.


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