13 comments on “How not to respond to a recruiter’s voicemail

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  2. @lance :: I’ve read comments on CNN and EDPN that were this vituperative but never from one of my peeps. Think there’s an underlying bitterness here?


  3. Steve, this doesn’t really surprise me. The racist comments make me ill. The impersonal demanding tone of the message does not. Based upon the person’s message, I wonder if the person has actually developed a relationship with a recruiter(s) or has been submitting resumes for positions with a minimal amount of actual contact with a recruiter.


  4. What a fortunate response Steve. You could have spent hours working with this candidate before you realized he/she was such a tool.


  5. The arrogance of ignorance abounds.

    Worse than voting these effers breed. And they breed abundantly from what i am seeing in restaurants and shopping malls.


  6. @Dave :: person is tech (no bitterness here, eh?)

    @Mike :: Double Wow

    @Fran :: impossible to predict anymore which party they belong to

    @Sandra :: I’m sure there aren’t any lifeguards watching over their gene pool

    @Kim :: I have a feeling they’ll make this mistake again…caveat emptor


  7. People have “outright” said things like this me and I race to get off the phone …and delete every email. Then “block sender”! Unreal. Whoever hires this guy deserves what they get…an HR nightmare waiting to happen.

    The positive spin: he saved you time Steve. Throwing that thought out there early makes it easy to move on…instead of more emails, calls and possible interviews before he suddenly blurts it out the day before an interview with your client.


  8. This person is their own worst job search enemy. Their vitriol and hatred only serves to underscore what a poor asset they would be to any company considering their candidacy. Totally agree with Steve Hood that this guy actually SAVED you time so you didn’t have to dive real deep to find out what a jerk he is. Just astounding that he’s even “functioning” in the workplace – which is even scarier.


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