7 comments on “Phishing for Jobseekers

  1. Surprised these bottom feeders have not done a lot of this already. Can you identify the IP address? How about everygody tweet this, post it and mass email it to everyone in your contact list. I am sure this is the same guy who keeps telling me that i won the British lottery or who is trying to get his family fortune out Sri Lanka. Put the geeks on it, track it down and let’s feed this fockstick to the baby ducks.


  2. luckily i received the same Email today and from the same person
    but my replay to him or her was :
    hello thanks a lot for sending me this Email but could please tell me which Marriott Hotel in Toronto you are representing and do state your full name and your job title, by the way any Marriott Hotel has it is site so please send me an invitation Email from your site.
    It was from:
    dunnel micheal [dunnll.micheall@gmail.com]
    and it is asking me to send my CV to the address below


  3. These emails are from the devil, Steve. It would be interesting to send them back a completely fake CV with information that will make them dig for days.


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