14 comments on “Real Thank You Letters

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  2. This is good, Steve. I think the note length is appropriate for the level of positions you are likely interviewing for and the level of personalization is top notch. No way you could reuse this without a significant rewrite and that’s what people need to do. Their note needs to fit themselves, the position and company and those all come together in unique ways.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thx Lance – with so many experts “telling” people what to do, I thought I’d show people what I did.

      BTW, the response was better than I had hoped for – said I hit the nail on all the major issues.


  3. These are balanced with personality (canned really stinks and doesn’t hold anyone’s sincere attention) and thoughts on onboarding, address perceived concerns and show the right amount of follow-up and interest. ~Karla


  4. Genius. The only thing I’d add:

    * Praise Publicly

    * If you connected, and omnipresent on Social Networks with a massive following-refer your following/contacts/friends to the Company you are thanking.

    * Drive purchasers to their business.

    * Add that to the next communication with potential hiring manager. List social network recommendations snagit screenshot, or photo attachment.

    * Next corespondance: Add an article that praises the business in a credible periodical, newspaper, business trade magazine either paper, or online source. Always cite the source using APA formal style format. It reminds the business you went to college, and know how to properly cite a source. It adds credibility. It protects you against copyright infridgement.

    * Space these contacts out. Allow each contact to simmer. Wait for a follow up email before you send the next.

    * Don’t be creepy, Be strategic. Always end each email/text with a call to action for next steps.

    Listen to Steve Levy: at all times. When on the phone with him do not interrupt. Let him finish a thought before interjection. Listen actively.

    Margo Rose, M.Ed. Human Resource Develop
    Organizational Leadership

    Social Media Community Manager
    ICUC Content Moderation Services, Inc.
    Social Media Community Manager
    AMC Theatres

    Founder of HireFriday & HFChat


    Friend to all recruiters, sourcers, trenchHR, digital marketers, new media connectors


    • I did send over one article that was germane to their global manufacturing initiatives but that was it; I also haven’t connected to anyone yet on LinkedIn, etc.

      Articles that spoke to the business were referred to in my first interview and were primarily reports written by analysts who follow the company and discussed challenges and opportunities.

      One lesson here is to “Interview like a Consultant” – which I did.


  5. I think you hit the nail right on the head in your intro when you said, “I believe they reiterate the challenges I heard and reinforce what I can do to resolve these challenges.” Good job!


  6. Steve:

    Your letters serve as idea generators and combined with the comments of HR Margo and the others, this post makes quite a nice resource for people to use in developing their own unique letters. Nothing is worse than canned.

    Thanks always for your perspective!

    Hannah (aka, Career Sherpa)


    • Thanks Hannah…with so many templatized ways to say thanks and so many experts imploring you to listen to them, I would think more seekers would see the benefit of being genuine and demonstrating that they actually listened during an interview.

      But then again, I’m only the recruiter and I have to read these pieces of work.


  7. These are great. I like how you referenced the potential objections, but reframed them as assets for the company. It’s a great model for people who lack the confidence that you (rightfully so) have.


    • Thanks Tracy – I listened, took notes, reviewed the notes, thought about the opportunity…then I wrote the letter.

      No template, hopefully a minimal amount of canned phrases and straight from my head and heart.


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