2 comments on “Is Social Media a Bar, Coffee Shop, Library or Boardroom?

  1. Steve, I love the social media / gun analogy from your closing. It goes further than the hand that holds it: It can be used to hurt others or it can be used to hurt yourself. Oh, and it can also be used as a hammer if you are clueless as to the best use of this weapon.


  2. Really good post Steve! Social media can be a wonderful tool if used wisely by both job seekers and recruiters. I read a post yesterday by Margie Clayman that spoke to the importance of personal branding and she said something that made a lot of sense to me. She postulated this: rather than fostering a personal brand, why not create a “personable” brand. Now going back to what you write here in your post about personal branding inconsistencies, it sounds like you allude to this in your comments. I think you are both spot on.


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