2 comments on “Gamification in Recruiting is Weird Science

  1. Hi Steve. Interesting post. I wonder if companies are intimidated by ‘hiring the best’? Might they think the actually problems that occur within the organization will not be as guided or structured so they seek flexibility? Gamification in the hiring process is interesting. I would like to see some examples of companies utilizing it. Keep the thoughts coming!


  2. @MRB gamification is “common” with certain software tech companies – think code challenges (among others, Google has used these). the challenge is developing “games” that are job relevant – which is why the JDs have to be performance focused rather than than the very poor task focused ones. imagine how tough it would be for HR knowing that job descriptions are dynamic rather than the static stuff that gets passed on year after year after year.

    but no, I don’t believe companies are afraid of hiring the “best” – they just haven’t a clue as to what the “best” is and how to attract them. most will toss around branding standards like “we are a world class…” without creating culture, leadership, etc that is needed to support hiring and retaining the best. as I wrote, it’s weird science…


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