5 comments on “Random Social Media Thoughts for #Jobseekers

  1. Still gets me that ‘Bottom – Line’ the good ole telephone and handshake are just not used as much as they should be….these days it makes you stand out from the crowd.


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  3. I completely agree with you Steve! In ALL areas. The only thing I would like to expand a little on is the branding aspect. I think you said it best with “Whatever you believe your brand is, others will likely read into your social media footprint and think of things you missed,” with that in mind, we should use Social Media consciously. In order to avoid falling into this pitfall, I always encourage my audiences to not post anything that cannot be read or seen by their religious leader or worse grandmother. If any of these 2 folks cannot see/read what they are posting, then it has NO space on the web. Unfortunately, the “reality tv” generation thinks otherwise and post anything and everything they think about, thus creating the wrong brand. It’s just like perception of truth, every individual has a different perception of their own truth.


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