2 comments on “Culture Change Isn’t About Beer, Climbing Ropes, or Yoga

  1. Culture change starts when one of those in the second group of monkeys manages to grab the banana, share some of it with one of the others. Then you have a clique forming and it’s time for HR sensitivity training because it’s 3 against 2.

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  2. Then there are the “new” video culture companies who claim they can capture your unique culture in lovely clarity. I say take a look at some of the Jonestown video AKA the “Peoples Temple Agricultural Project”of 1978.

    For early stage and young companies, their cultures have yet to develop – in actuality, they’re more cults than culture at this stage. Think about this: When did the Incans develop their unique culture? How about America? Was our culture solidified in 1777?

    Maturity creates a business culture as does performance, customer service, candidate experience, leadership, product development, etc.

    Beer creates hangovers…


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