4 comments on “The Spigot and The Waterfall

  1. I’m a recruiter, not a sourcer, and I haven’t even been doing that for long, either.

    Yet it’s manifestly clear to me that yeah, it’s gotta be a continuous process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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  2. Fantastic article and articulation of where Sourcing should properly fit within a TA department. I like to say that Sourcing is a newly discovered procurement function for HR – a now necessary add-on for any TA team to function in 2016 (effectively, that is!)

    Thank you for this blog, WELL SAID!
    –Heather Thomas
    Strategic Sourcing Manager

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  3. Ed – very much so. The important phrase is “lead time” – as in sourcing is most effective with a hiring lead time of 1-2 quarters.


  4. Heather – appreciate the kind words… I know it’s easy for Sourcing to be part of TA but it might be more effective reporting elsewhere – perhaps in some operational vein – and supporting TA.


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