7 comments on “#TruUSA For the Soul

  1. This should be the future of all face-to-face social relations: the event format that integrates everyone and alienates no one.

    And yes, you did tell me about them. And yes, I was there. Saw with my own two eyes. Burned holes in my head.


  2. Dude, you forgot to mention me in this post!

    Seriously, very nice capture of a lot of good stuff that we heard over the past two days. Sorry I missed you when you left.

    This was your best line: “If you allow yourself to proportionally use your two ears and one mouth, magic will happen.” Couldn’t agree more.

    I await your cal with trepidation…uhh…anticipation!


  3. What I might remember most about #truUSA was you saying, “Yes Rich, I am your parents”.

    Great write up on the event. More than learning, I enjoyed building the connections with you and all there. I’m sure most feel that way, and I look forward to the next event.


  4. Levy:

    Great meeting you in person after all you have done for my select job seeker community. Thoroughly enjoyed TRU and always appreciate your perspective and the uniqueness that is Steve Levy.

    Next time we will get Albright in the fitness track.

    Keep your “takes” coming via the Inferno.


  5. Steve ~ You have such an interesting, unique, and almost polar opposite perspective. I was constantly asking myself:

    Why are you saying X?
    How in the world did you derive Y?
    What do you really mean?

    Loved it! We get a much better view of the world when we are not all facing the same direction. Now the visual of you and that poor stuffed animal did cost you points.

    Find myself agreeing completely with your TruUSA take away :-)


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