8 comments on “GenWhiners, GenXcusers, Baby Blamers: Enough Already!

  1. Here, Here, Dr. Levy.
    Everyone has their dark side. Everyone has an upside. Knowing what makes people tick should help us relate, not want to hate. Can’t we all just get along?


  2. I am just not a fan of all this generational spiel – If for the past 40,000 years each generation’s work ethic has deteriorated we should all be in vegetative states… it’s all ridiculous, each generation thinks they’re tops and “kids these days.. oy vey what’s this world coming to?”


  3. Speaking as one of the fossilized. It’s just that we got tired of hearing the same thing over and over for generations. We are silent because there is nothing left to say. It ain’t the generation , it’s just that they havn’t heard enough yet and each one thinks they are unique. That would be where new ideas come from. Shhhh, i’m tired of talking, i just sort of listen and smile knowingly at the noise and sometimes say “aw crap” cause i know there will be another generation of wide eyed talkers pretttty sooon. :)


  4. Steve – Love your posts – You are the Shecky Green of the recruiting world.
    A Jewish mother from Long Island named Levy?
    I like your Mom :)
    Great post!


  5. HRMargo contends “Steve Levy is the Best Recruiter The World,” according to her recent post http://HRMargo.com Furthermore, You are #Yoda. Deal with it. In our conversation this morning, I laughed about your comment, “Pimp your recruiter.” Ok, I’m a flag waver, and a born promoter. The point of the post was to test the null hypothesis about google indexing. It’s a fact when you mention a person’s name along with “Top 10 Experts, ” or “Best Expert In The World,” google indexes the comment, and it will come up when people search your name.

    Now, about Gen Y, X, Boomers. Last year I wrote a post “Move Over Gen Y Baby Boomers Are Bouncing Back.”

    Americans are working well into their 70’s, their leadership skills continue to wow the work place.

    Gen Y and X still continue to blow the roof off of our technological capabilities. They are brilliant. To Karla Porters point, each generation has its strengths.

    The question becomes, “Are we as individuals doing all we can to harness our strength?” It’s not about sweeping generalizations about sociological categories. Clearly it is about the individual.

    I like the “wide eyed talkers,” as you say, what I love even more is their sense of wonderment, curiosity, and lack of cynical attribute.

    #Yoda, you nailed it. Your post is fun, and there’s room at the dreaded “table” for everyone regardless of age, race, culture, class, education.


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