2 comments on “A Devilish Experiment

  1. Steve,

    As you know, I haven’t stopped laughing all day. What a great way to start a Monday. I had fun using MK’s avatar and gained about 10 followers. The reason could be 1. I used Animal’s avatar. 2. I changed my tweeting persona for a few hours. 3. I was RT’ing stuff from the socialrecruitingsummit. 4. All of the above. No matter the reason, I had fun doing it.

    Sometimes the twitter sessions can be a little too serious, which I understand if you are trying to project a serious business image, but as GenY is trying to change the world, it would be OK to “lighten up” once in a while on this social media stuff.

    Now I am re-thinking my own photo…will loose sleep over that one!


  2. Hi Steve,

    Stumbled upon your blog & I like the tone/content. But its really hard to read. Would you consider changing your blog colours to dark text over light background? I think if you run a poll, you’ll find that the majority will prefer this.

    Thanks! :)


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