6 comments on “Memorial Day

  1. I must have hit some magic submit button by error…

    The favorite part of hanging out with these WWII Vets is the opportunity to listen to their stories. There is a distinct difference speaking to one of them and a Vietnam Vet – who generally won’t “talk about it”. My own grandfather was a POW who was liberated and sent home but not in the same mental and physical condition he went with. He had some incredible stories.

    I’ll be getting up from my seat at the lunch table today at the Legion after the parade to get refills for my friends who have a harder time getting around than I do and I’ll speak a little louder than I normally would when we talk.

    I love these guys.


  2. Steve,

    Thanks for writing this blog about Memorializing those who have served or currently serve. My thanks to your Dad for his service.

    I would like to remember my great grandfather, who served in WWI and who was trained in boot camp right here on the Florida beaches, under the boiling sun. Remember my grandfather who served in WWII. Remember my Dad who served in Korea. Remember the 2 brothers in my neighborhood who were KIA in Vietnam when I was a little girl and too young to know what was going on, but old enough to see the grief their mother suffered upon the news of their deaths. MAY THEY ALL REST IN PEACE.

    I would like to Solute my 11 cousins and 3 uncles who have served and are currently serving – May God protect them and guide them! I would also like to Solute my son’s 6 high school friends who have recently enlisted – May God be with them!


  3. Steve,

    My wife’s uncle was a medic in WWII. He started in Sicily and went through D-Day and beyond. It’s hard to say if he died of what is now called PTSD or the booze but for sure he was never the same. She still has letters that he wrote.

    Thanks for the reminder.


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