5 comments on “I can’t forget

  1. I grew up in the shadows of those towers on the lower east side of Manhattan. And ten years prior I worked on the 90th floor of One WTC facing where the first plane hit. In my mind I know what those people saw but can never imagine what they felt.

    I will never forget.


  2. Awesome Post Steve, I remember it as we talked last night on the phone…looks better in print…


    For those first Responders….FDNY NYPD & other Emergency Services that responded to the Towers….They showed what “Uncommon Valor” really means….God Bless ’em


  3. Thanks for writing this, Steve. I remember that day well, we had just left NYC a few days earlier and as I sat up in bed that morning – it was heart breaking to watch in horror and feel so helpless. Jim was still with the Fire Marshal’s Office that year and 3 of his inspectors were retired NYC firefighters. They literally pulled out all the old helmets, badges, and other gear from NYC with their former fire company numbers, piled into one car and headed to NY and yes, they were welcomed as part of the companies who helped search for days for their comrades. They did not even care if their jobs in Florida would be lost, their sense of “brotherhood” prevailed. (Jim wanted to go so bad, but had to stay back and hold the office together.)

    My niece, who was a newlywed at the time was trapped inside the city and was one of the people who spent 3 nights sleeping on the lobby floor of La Guardia Airport. She did not get out of the city until I contacted one of my Long Island recruiter friends – who drove to La Guardia and picked her up, took her back to Long Island and helped her find a rental car. He fed them, then showed them the way out via The Verrazono-Narrows Bridge.

    We will never forget the kindness of the recruiter, who was a complete stranger to my niece. He is no longer around – went back to Italy. But, there are thousands of other stories of how people came together during that time to give aid and help in any way they could – perfect strangers.

    WHY CAN’T IT BE THAT WAY TODAY? Strangers helping Strangers! I WILL NEVER FORGET!


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