23 comments on “Interview Like a Consultant

  1. Steve:
    I like the way you’ve explained this better way of interviewing!
    I’ll be sending it off to some folks who definitely need to see the other side of things!
    Nice parable, btw!


  2. Thx Hannah…it’s far easier to write about than to get into your head. Practice works but the best advice is to think like a four year old…Why? Why? Why? lol


  3. Great post Steve. I really liked the part about risks and out-of-the box thinking. I am that way but has never occurred to me to ask how that would be taken in an interview. Will def share with friends.


  4. Hi Steve, Sorry didn’t get to it last night, concert ran late, dog vomitted in her crate- The joys and stress of the holiday!…Definately like the approach- it was summed up nicely at the end with this “I don’t care how little experience you have – be curious, be inquisitive, be engaged.”..

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    Talk to you soon!


  5. When Steve Levy talks, i listen.

    Great content, stye and the personality that makes him an artist among an often average crowd. Do You follow him on Twitter? I do. @levyrecruits for your daily updates of the great and the irreverent and the not quite obvious.


  6. This is an excellent post Steve. You articulate this extremely well. I want all job seekers to read this, process it, and execute it. It will require forethought, and practice, and will be well worth their time. Way to go Steve.


  7. This post has great information. Obviously preparation will play a major role, as it well should. I love how the questions showcase a high-level of engagement and how this approach can make someone look focused on the company, which he/she should be, but often times is not.

    I have found that folks can have tunnel vision for the position without regard for the company where they apply. IMHO, this would certainly limit the ability to come across as engaged and big-picture thinking.


  8. This is excellent advice. As an interviewee, you want to get to the truth of the company’s needs to demonstrate your value. With these questions, you can *sound* confident and competent and also *be* competent and confident about being able to fulfill their needs.


  9. Good thoughts Mr. Levy. Due to my tribe comprising mostly of engineers my mindset has without mercy been beaten into viewing things from a project management viewpoint. So, I would add questions around scope-budget-time line. It is amazing what a hiring manager or candidate will tell you about their needs and prior experiences or even give you by way of docs – but ask them about due dates and milestones… the conversation tends to “get real”.


  10. Steve,
    Glad you pointed me this direction. So many stand-out points and lessons in this post!

    My fave: “Everyone in an organization has bottom-line impact; the challenge is to find the connection.” Yes, yes, yes! From the chief cook and bottle washer to the CEO, every single individual impacts bottom line, whether supporting and enabling someone else to do something bigger and better — or personally produce revenue/profit!

    Your consulting questions not only are powerful, but in-depth. What you provide is a blueprint for candidates to carry throughout their careers — not just in interviews, but throughout their employee/employer engagement contract, articulating their interest to be a proactive business partner and contributor versus simply reacting to the environment.

    At all levels in an organizational matrix, employees have opportunities to assess risk, determine budget and resources, understand customer needs … and more. This requires thought, research, interaction, prodding, probing, listening, talking … as you say, being curious, inquisitive and engaged!

    What a well-thought-out message – thanks for the resource!



  11. @Walter How might you ask outside-the-box questions during your Interview? Do tell…

    @Steve Dog vomit? There has to be a way to weave that into an interview! It’s easy to say an interview is a two-way convo yet so many structure it like a lecture

    @Bob Glad you enjoyed it; feel free to repost on ResumeBear.com

    @Rage aka Howard Adamsky takes one to know one (buy and read Howard’s book)

    @Margo I wrote this for all the Hire Friday fans (well, for all those looking for a new gig)

    @Cyndy It sure does take prep for this approach to work; try one of the questions if you’re nervous and gauge from the response whether you can ask more. Try something different

    @Jillian It’s all about asking questions, not taking anything for chance. Would you jump onto a pool knowing there’s only a 50/50 chance that it’s filled with water? Noooooo, you look into the pool-that’s what interviewing like a consultant is all about

    @Jacqui You are sooo welcome and so right: Anyone can use this blueprint – heck, modify it to suit your needs and style – to have a better interview


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