3 comments on “Refer and Double

  1. For centuries military organizations around the world have rewarded those who risk their life with a worthless trinket they can wear on their uniform. For people with a passion for what they do, money is not the biggest motivator. Most employee referral programs fail because the bounty is set so high that administration becomes cumbersome. Legalistic rules, with HR set-up to be the rule police, gives most employees a “why even bother” attitude when they are made to feel like some kind of money grubbing insect by participating. Don’t double up…do away with a bounty altogether! How about a T-Shirt announcing “I REFERRED A NEW EMPLOYEE” which not only gives recognition but is a walking advertisement for the program. For referral of a hard-to-find superstar, give a spot bonus as you would for any other job well done.


  2. Tom, how many people like us would be happy receiving a shirt? Sadly, not many. But the spot bonus isn’t the answer either because it’s all about referring people that SHOULD be hired not simply the referral. I don’t think the presentation of service ribbons, campaign stars, etc. is on the same level as referral bonuses; the Code of Conduct taken by those who serve is a very powerful reminder that service comes at a cost.

    Business does too; which is why a small monetary “thank you” helps to jog people’s heads and a added “thank you” for a referral who performs beyond expectations can inspire employees to refer their “better” friends and acquaintances.


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