6 comments on “Your Resume Sucks and Your Momma Dresses You Funny (REDUX)

  1. I have to be honest Steve; this post had me giggling at first, then reality set in. These items that you point out are the basics of job search 101, so if someone is not adhering to these points, he/she has not 1) done his homework on the company; 2) reacted objectively to the position; 3) shown respect to the person on the other end of the ATS who pulls up the resume to read it, and sadly; 4) not shown himself any respect by taking the time to make sure everything associated with the contents of the resume and preparation for the interview are A+.

    I, like you, have a big spot in my heart for job seekers, but for me it comes down to this, if someone doesn’t respect his personal brand, no one else will either. Your personal brand is a precious possession… treat it with care.


  2. Cyndy…every recruiter sees things that make them scratch their head and wonder about the direction of the world’s collective intellect. However, I don’t know really know if it’s truly a function of depressed intellect, abject carelessness, or a lack of overall education about the job search process that’s causing people to do the silly things I’ve written about and then claim after sending out 25 resumes over a 6 month period that the economy sucks and companies don’t care about people.

    I won’t go so far to say it’s someone showing disrespect to their personal brand as I will claim that people just aren’t taking the time to truly introspect and then make the necessary changes needed to attract the interest of hiring managers and recruiters…


  3. Software development is a weird profession in this respect: If you dress up too much, people automatically suspect that you are inexperienced, irrespective of gender. Most of my assignments are done from wherever I want to work, I have no office. I often meet clients in coffee shops, and we’re both super-casual. Sometimes I never meet a client or my co-workers in person. I can’t even remember the last time I donned a pair of slacks or a skirt, I think it may have been for a funeral. I have a javascript developer friend who has made it his mission to live as much of his life without wearing pants, and although we all laughed at him, we realize how possible this is in this profession, in this day and age, and we wished him success at his self-imposed challenge. It’s an interesting time to be a software developer. The boundaries of everything are being challenged: when your work day ends (meetings at Midnight are pretty common for me: it’s the only time everyone seems to be free, especially people with young kids), the personal space which becomes work spaces, the public space which becomes your office, how much free time you spend writing software irrespective of how much software you wrote for pay that day. It is a bizarre and wonderful profession, and I honestly cannot say I dislike the boundary challenges I’ve listed.


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