7 comments on “11-9-11 For Sale?

  1. Wonderful post Steve. Retailers sure do have a way of turning holidays and events of a historical nature into shopping opportunities; maybe I’m jaded, but I guess I’m used to this.

    The thing that I am not used to and will never accept is people being disrespectful to something another person honors, or worse to choose to forget the events and circumstances (the good and bad) that have shaped our country and helped form the fabric of our society.


  2. As usual you “tell it like it is” and also as usual you are spot on! My traditional 9/11 commemoration is to send an email to a former boss who was one or the survivors of the attack and a true hero. She claims to have done nothing and doesn’t talk about the experience unless asked, but I know she led others to safety at risk of her own life. Perhaps it is human nature to try and forget traumatic experiences no matter how personal they are, but the explanation of the current national forgetfulness and rampant disrespect comes from one thing: We are being led by idiots!

    I have been looking for the origin of the term “The masses are asses” and so far it could be anyone from Alexander Hamilton to Karl Marx. On Sunday I posted a link to a thought provoking TED presentation by Bulgarian Ivan Kratstev on “Can Democracy Exist Without Trust” [http://owl.li/dCId5] which is not only insightful but also mentions that politicians have evolved their messages from that of discussing ideas and policy to manipulating the emotions of the people. The current political campaigns are proof of that. I refuse to allow my memories to be rewritten by those who want to manipulate my thinking into a belief that patriotism is not important anymore!

    Thanks for reminding us to remember and to think. I know where you are and hope that hugging a firefighter is something that is not too unmanly for you. Give them a hug for me.


    • Thanks TB…I have many friends who are FDNY; going into their houses and pouring myself a cup of coffee is just like doing the same thing at home. The firefighter who welcomed me back on 9-13 is now a Captain; the interim Lt is now a Battalion Chief and many of the guys at Squad that week are now retired. But they pretty much all come back on 9-11. And they all make me feel part of the family… How can I ever forget them?


  3. Movingly crafted, Steve. It’s unfortunate that so many have such short memories. As you accurately point out, those close to the events of that day, geographically or otherwise, have not forgotten. For those of us in DC, accustomed as we are to all the political and national defense chatter that engulfs us daily, driving past the Pentagon or watching planes come down the Potomac towards national Airport still brings back memories of ha day. I can’t fathom the emotions of those whose association to the tragic events of that day are more personal and direct. Thanks for keeping it real.


    • Doug, thanks for the reality check as well. Sometimes I think a day like 9-11 would be better served if an event were held where political factions work to actually solve an issue after first participating in a “remember the 3,000 mass”…can you help make this happen in your area?


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