2 comments on “Thank You For Your Service – Now I’ll Ignore You

  1. We live in a different time. WWII veterans were welcomed home with a parade, benefits for education and housing, job opportunities and most importantly they were respected for their service. Vietnam Vets adopted a standard greeting to each other: “Welcome Home!” That was because when we got back there were no parades and no welcome. The decrescendo of activity after the World Wars continued to die out and is only a back-burner concern to most people today. The wars we fight today are remote and politically controversial, but military professionals continue to do the things necessary to protect freedom and are above politics. We need to make an effort to renew our interest in their welfare and to recognize their sacrifice. At a bare minimum we need to restore the respect for them that they deserve.


  2. Interesting post Steve. I have never been in the military, but my dad, former brother-in-law and two of my nephews have. Actually, one nephew is currently serving in the Middle East. I certainly won’t speak from a position of great knowledge on this topic, but I can tell you how I feel. I do say thank you to veterans and I tell them that I believe them to be a heroes. Frankly for one very good reason, because they are doing something I can’t imagine doing. How do we repay these individuals who put their lives on the line? Yes, we can offer them jobs and housing and education benefits. I’m not diminishing these things, but in reality, are they really the equivalent of a person’s life? No of course not. But when we can couple these things with sincere respect and gratitude, it does bring us to a place of showing appreciation.


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