9 comments on “Help Wanted Scam

  1. Aw come on Steve. Somebody just heard that there were a lot of democrats out there right now looking for something to do.

    Or maybe Sarah baby needs something to do before her Alaska reality show kicks in. Oh, sorry, i forgot she is in Alaska helping to count the write in ballots. No that won’t work she would have to be able to spell Murkowski.

    At least this one is not promising to train people for a small fee in order to get all those high paying government jobs. The abundance of “work at home”, “start your own business” scams out there right now is sickening. I really abhor the fact that the major job boards will list them and give them any kind of credibility.


  2. Oh, but I do love “laconic resume”! Did Google Translate do that, or were they using a Whatever to English dictionary?

    I’ve received a few e-mails like this. I stopped making resumes uploaded to sites like Monster and Career Builder readable by recruiters, which reduced the number. (Not one *legitimate* recruiter ever contacted me that way.) I’m not sure where some of the others got my e-mail address, or if it was purely random–like the 250K British pounds I “won” from the Microsoft’s UK office yesterday. All I had to do to collect was contact someone via a Yahoo address in Hong Kong. Yeah… riiiight…


  3. It’s part random, part technology. Somewhere in the life span of your email, it became public. I’ve won this and that and I suspect I could receive a lifetime supply of Viagra if I choose to send someone my SSN.

    Yet people fall victim to these scams. Sad…


    • Sorry Steven, no wealth for you…which means you will be forever destined to live in the frigid confines of the Twin Cities and not in the palatial surroundings of West Palm Beach replete with illegal immigrant Hellers and a fleet of Lamborghinis.


  4. What about careerbuilder and monster jobs? I know in the rochester area when you spend hours filling your profile and uploading you resume the only responses you get are SPAM MAIL!!!


    • @AF :: No doubt these exist and for me constitute the dark side of job boards that no one wants to discuss. These are no different than any phishing trip and the perp must be reported (whether CB or Monster will do something about it is unknown).

      Do you have any sense as to what percentage of posted jobs in your area are spammy?


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