6 comments on “The Dark Art of Recruiting

  1. Good post Steve and a great email message!

    Couldn’t help but get this thought run across my brain: Build relationships and they will come.

    Obviously, when you establish contact with people, you are in it for the long haul. The contacts you make today are an investment in the future. These contacts are nuggets of gold so you revere them for the value they bring and to that I say… bravo to you!


  2. Excellent approach. I like the way you structured you email. It disarms, and also qualifies you as an expert. I agree with you sentiment Steve. Well written, well put.

    My best,



  3. You point out an important thing to sourcers and recruiters who have been swayed to new technology as a replacement rather than a supplement to their art. There is often a knee-jerk reaction toward new media rather than the tried and true. Most of us still live in an email world so it makes sense to go there. And another “old fashioned” methodology is also often forgotten: the phone. The job isn’t done until somebody picks up the phone.


  4. Hi Steve,

    I think the email is spot-on and solid.


    You’re a recruiter/developer yourself, so you can IDENTIFY and ALIGN with the issues and concerns Ruby programmers looking at the post. You align with the programmers twice in your email:
    -In the first sentence, where you casually ask for the help of the Ruby developer community
    -In the last three paragraphs of the email, where you simultaneously acknowledge their programming wizardry, while also asking prospective applicants for a in-person meeting.

    Now, imagine a world where all recruiters were this meticulous and thorough when looking for candidates to solve company problems . . .


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