8 comments on “The Numbers Won’t Let Me Forget

  1. Steve:

    One of the best posts i’ve read yet….Awesome…It’s a strong first-hand account of that day as seen through the eyes of a person who was there….I hope more will read this…


  2. Thank you, Steve! Truly one of the most remarkable stories of that day! It is so important to keep the memory alive as people today are becoming more cynical and skeptical about events that impacted our lives and changed our history forever. This is not a snuff video game plot folks…it was real. Those of us who were closer to the event were obviously affected more directly, but those who were not there: Listen to Steve. Then be silent. Don’t mess with a New Yorker!


  3. I don’t know about angels and all. I’m haunted by the number 343 aswell. Everyday I see it, so much actually people who know about this weird coincidence, will comment on the fact that it happens to often to be a coincidence. What does it mean. I don’t know, but someday it will be clear.


  4. Wow, thank you for sharing, I had not gone that far back in your posts!!! Wow, brings the day back like it was yesterday!!. Well written!!!. You certainly have a gift,whether you believe it or not, a true gift!! What a legacy of your friend Dave, and a true friendship at that!!!


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